• Use Natural Products, Non-toxic, Highly-Effective pest control products manufactured by NISUS CORPORATION USA to deliver our Green Pest Management (GPM™) solution
  • Exterminate more than 20 species of pests such as Ants, Lice, Spiders and Flies in newly-renovated homes
  • 14 days satisfaction guarantee
  • Free detection service for TVOC (total volatile organic compounds) & Formaldehyde (value equal to HK$3,000 / Service), plus $1,000 service or product coupon
  • Termite control and prevention service to provide effective protection to avoid termite invasions and ensuing damage
  • Widely used by the building industry in USA and provide 30 years limited warranty
  • Only borate-based termiticide registered by EPA  and U.S. Green Building Council (LEED) qualify using Bora-Care ® as “Non-Toxic Pest Control” product
  • Success rate 99.9998% for application to Commercial & Monumental properties, Institutions, Houses
GREENKEY® INNOVATIVE PRODUCT - Air-Purification and VOC Formaldehyde decomposition service
  • 100% Natural Chitin liquid. Clear, and Odorless without contamination to furniture and fittings
  • 99.9% success rate for decomposition of Formaldehyde after 60 mins
  • Two follow-up inspections by Century Strong to record readings and ensure Formaldehyde VOC levels meet WHO standard
  • Package includes Free Century Strong HK$1,000 coupon for its service or products. Including Century Strong’s pest control consultancy Green Pest Management GPM™ report
  • Use Non-toxic, environmentally friendly and  natural pesticide products

  • Exterminates bed bugs, fleas (eggs / nymph, and adults) instantly.  Effective against carpet beetle, dust mite, and household fungus

  • ‘One-Service-Charge’ solution to ensure completely eradicate the initial problem and source with necessary follow-up program within 4 weeks

  • Experienced pest control experts and we provide free home inspection

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between us and other pest / environmental services compaines?
What will we do? 
Do the elderly, children, pets need to leave the premises during treatment?
What other protection do Century Strong Offer?
Do our Pest control products have toxic residues? Smell? How much Pest control product is used?
How do we calculate service charges?
Do you provide a warranty?
How do we treat for VOC Formaldehyde de-composition service? What is the warranty?
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6 Integral-Pillars of our Professional Services

Green Pest Solutions
  • Exterminate 20 common pests, insects, ants, fleas, mosquitoes, midges, flies, silverfish, rats, dust mites, ticks, wasps and more …
Termite & Fungus Protection
  • Complete extermination and protection from termite infestation of buildings and homes
  • Eliminate fungi thoroughly to prevent wood rot
Air purification + Formaldehyde elimination
  • Use 100% natural product GREENKEY® which is colorless and odorless Chitin coating can be sprayed or hand-brushed applied on the wooden fixtures
  • Hazard free water based de-formaldehyde formulation certified by SGS with ability to reduce 99.9% of formaldehyde in 60 minutes
Mold Protection
  • Professional elimination and prevention of Mold and Mold Stains for porous and nonporous materials such as wood, brick and concrete
  • It acts as a surface-protectant, killing all forms of fungi, sanitizing and disinfecting the treated area – bringing back a sense of newness to affected fixtures and fittings
Bio-Remedial & Odor Control
  • ‘BAC-A-ZAP’ Biodegradable, non-toxic, non-pathogenic and non-corrosive odor remover
  • Effective against Faeces waste / Vomiting / Smoke / Sewage / Sweat / Rubbish / Pet smell / Body odor / Rotten food smell, and so on
Virus Disinfection
  • DSV All-in-One solution (manufactured in the United States) is a powerful disinfectant that is highly effective against disease – causing bacteria like hepatitis virus, hemp virus, avian flu, HIV and so on
  • A sanitizer that can rid an area of germs and fungi that can cause sickness and mold – The cure for serious threats to your health

* Please contact Century Strong for more details

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About Century Strong

Since 1988 Century Strong has witnessed and participated the phenomenal successes the pest control industry has delivered to Hong Kong – 30 years of professional service to our customers, and community in general.  

In a new era and milestone for Century Strong Ltd and Hong Kong, we are first to introduce a Greener and more Natural Environmentally friendly pest control solution through NISUS CORPORATION – Green Pest Management GPM™

Why chose Century Strong?

  • We are the exclusive agent in Hong Kong / Macau / China for NISUS CORPORATION USA.  

    Nisus Corporation is one of the world’s leading supplier and manufacturer of products to the professional pest management industry. Nisus is a privately held company producing a full line of pest management products, including Wood protection, Insect baits and Odor control at its manufacturing plant in Rockford, TN., USA.

    In addition, we are the exclusive agent in Hong Kong for Greenkey of Taiwan – Formaldehyde abatement (removal and decomposition) home solution.

  • Greenkey® 100% natural Chitin liquid will de-composite and remove harmful formaldehyde (Volatile Organic Compounds – VOC’s) from indoor air.  It is a best solution for protecting family in Hong Kong.

30 years of Century Strong ‘real response’ … what our customers say

  • Dr. HS Fang MBBS (HK) FHKAM (Medicine): I am happy with Century Strong Pest Control Service for over 25 yrs.They come to my premises & are very efficient in providing their service. Keep us Pest Free – and safe from infestation.Would not hesitate to refer Century Strong to treat for fleas, bed bugs – or other pests that may invade your premises or pose skin /allergy health risk to your family or staff. 
  • Belinda So (QA Manager for UNILEVER HK): I have been QA Mgr. for the Unilever plant premises for over 20years. For the whole duration, this period we have employ the services of Century Strong for our pest control service. UNILEVER have very high Int’l standards of its service providers – to date we have full confidence in Century Strong’s service effectiveness and the attitude of its service staff.
  • Mrs. Maria Lee: A professional hotelier in Hong Kong for over 30 years – General Manager in Hong Kong’s most premium hotel chain that contracted its Pest Control needs to Century Strong staff. I would not hesitate to recommend Century Strong ‘s Pest Control Services. They always performed & kept us free of infestation – acting fast whenever cause for concern.

  • Gary Chiu(Hotel F&B / Catering Director for major food chain – previously hotel executive in 3 mega 5-star Int’l Hotel chains : I have known the founder of Century Strong for over 25 years, and relied upon his company’s pest control services for several the hotel establishments I have been assigned. In all matters re Pest Control we found their staff capable and very efficient. Hotel kitchens can be a breeding ground for cockroaches but under Century Strong supervision we had little to complain, and any pest matter were always dealt with swiftly via an integrated partnership between Stewarding & Pest control expert Century Strong deployed us.
  • Causeway Bay Café: For a restaurant, sanitation is the most important. But no matter how healthy the environment, there will always be some uninvited guests. When the staff found the mouse, fortunately was the morning, the restaurant has not opened the door. Friends were introduced, the first use of the world’s strong service, holding a try mentality. But the world’s professional attitude and efficiency, so I am very confident. They not only answered many of our questions, but also taught us how to prevent them. If there is the next (hope no), the world will be my first choice.

  • Stephen Central Commercial Building: The company over the years to use the world’s deep carpet cleaning services, I and the staff are very satisfied with the results, no matter what stains can be removed, so that the carpet for a long time to maintain the best condition.

  • Mrs. Benjamin The Peak: I have been using Century Strong’s service for decade on different aspects. Recently, I have moved to my new house. But before that, I have to make sure it is a “safe” house for my Family of had done different services for my house, including cleaning, pest prevention, de-formaldehyde, etc. Their staff was very professional, effective and punctual. I am quite sure I will keep on using their service in the future.
  • Miss Xu Tai Po Village House: Since I live in a village house, I have been harassed by many insects. I have effectively helped us to solve the problem and use the all-natural spray. There is no unpleasant odor and no effect on the body – which is one of my most satisfying ones.
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