HOPAX Corpoation
Expert in "Green" Chemical Solution

"Although this (GreenKey) will not bring us huge profits, it is something we must do. After all, as a chemical expert, the greater the ability, the greater the responsibility. We have a responsibility to let consumers understand the risk of formaldehyde, it is more responsibility to protect them from harm. Chemistry is not terrible, what is terrible is how to use them."
—— Mr. Guo Congtian, Chairman of HOPAX

HOPAX is founded in 1975, having its strong R&D and production capabilities, it gains numerous world-patented technologies and launched products in different fields. Recently, they shift their focus on the development of environmentally friendly products, including building materials and indoor air treatment. Each product launched are based on the concept of "innovation, sustainable development, and contribution to human society".

GreenKey® is originated from an accident in 2004. At that time, a factory was newly built in Dafa, Taiwan whereas its employees were suffered from the effects of formaldehyde. They had shown symptoms like shed tears, vomit, etc., and their work efficiency became low. In order to solve the health problems, experts found an antibacterial raw material "chitin" which was exported to European medical product factories in the past two decades can decompose formaldehyde effectively. 10 liters of 6ppm formaldehyde can be decomposed by only 10 g of chitin. They applied the findings to the factory, and the harm of formaldehyde were quickly eliminated.

HOPAX cares about humanity, they invest in this industry with hope and responsibility. "We hope that no one needs to worry about the harm of formaldehyde caused by the renovation! If every family can control the harmful formaldehyde from the source before the renovation, the world will have very different results." The world patent "AP-AS technology" further extracts "Greenkey® formaldehyde removing agent" from natural chitin. The product has passed assessments from international testing agent SGS and various worldwide recognition bodies. All products have passed ISO9001 and ISO14000 quality management certification, which proves that they can decompose harmful formaldehyde quickly, effectively and lastingly.

We hope to widely promote the natural and environmentally friendly product of "GreenKey" for a better air quality and human health in long term.