Be Our Partners

We stand behind your work with the best warranty in the business.

A part of your professional team

With a comprehensive division of labor strategy, the 6 essential prevention courses of a residence will be dealt with individually. A slight modification of the renovation schedule will allow all the preventions to be completed seamlessly.

You will be able to tell your clients details of the courses, schedule of the service, methods and materials used by our technicians, and the terms of maintenance, to procure your client's trust in our jointly accomplished residential projects.

Best warranty in the business

We provide years-long free aftersales warranty or conditional cash refund program for all our pest control services. You and your clients can rest assured.

Commitment to preserving the environment

We will consider the impact of every material we use on the environment and life. We promise to strive to avoid polluting the air, water and soil, or doing harm to living creatures. Furthermore, we will also be obliged to minimize any wastage of resources.

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