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    Completely decompose harmful formaldehyde

    我們建議在300平方呎實用面積以內及已安裝好木傢俱的情況下, 可使用無醛屋®的DIY除醛產品塗抹各種木傢俱,在一段時間後也可以把有害甲醛分解掉。
    但如果你的裝修設計準備使用比較多的木板材,例如300平方呎實用面積或以上,但大部份地方會安裝木櫃及加高木地台作儲物空間等,建議你選擇Greenkey® 5Q De-formaldehydeWhen the complete set of formaldehyde decomposition services is completed, you will not only get indoor air to a safe and high quality level, but also continue to decompose for 25 years. We will be happy to provide you with details such as free on-site inspection, area assessment service and process arrangement before your decoration begins.

    Permanent termite prevention

    Regarding the resolution of termite destruction, we have 2 different processing options:
    1. If there are already signs of termite invasion in your room, we will first come to you to check and determine the hidden range of termites. Afterwards, where necessary, you can choose to use traditional low-harm chemical termite removal agents or natural ingredient termite removal agents.
    2. Another more comprehensive and permanent protection scheme is that before your new decoration, we can spray a layer of natural ingredients against the termite protection barrier for the concrete wall of your property and the wooden material used for decoration. The process only needs a little cooperation with your decoration team and will not affect the progress of the decoration; after completing the entire termite prevention project, you will also enjoymaximum 30 years protection clause.

    Treatment of insect pests, disinfection and odor

    We suggest you to ask us for free on-site testing and evaluation under any uncertain circumstances, such as species, area, and severity, to help you make the right choice.
    However, if you have mastered the situation and are confident in solving the problem, we further recommend that you choose to use the one with the lowest impact on the indoor and outdoor environment and humans and animals"Green" pest management.It is very important to choose professional natural pesticides and use appropriate amount of ingredients. You can go to our DIY store. The natural pesticides we import all have professional effects and have the production country and Hong Kong. AFCD's permission to use licenses.
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